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About Us

My name is Alina Trick. I got the inspiration for designing and selling children’s dresses after my daughter, Stephanie, was born. I found out pretty quickly that girls' dresses were very expensive. When I shopped for dresses for my daughter, I discovered that most of them were made in the Philippines, where I come from. 

This began my journey of learning more about the process of producing very reasonably-priced dresses that are beautiful, easy-care and practical. Dresses that mothers would love to put on their daughters and little girls would love to wear.

The designs have evolved over a period of twenty years and the ones you find on the website are timeless and have proven to be favorites of grandmothers, mothers and little girls alike!

Please take a moment to check our products. I know from one-on-one experience with customers, these dresses make everyone smile. The designs, fabric colors and applique combinations are light, happy and fun. Enjoy!